Am I A Douchebag?

Well, Chad, I’m afraid if you clicked through to this page while sitting on your college beanbag chair, taking a break from playing  Call of Duty on your PS3, wearing Diesel Jeans and a TapOut t-shirt underneath your popped-collar pastel Polo shirt, spiked hair protruding from your Kangol visor, white plastic-framed sunglasses on, rubbing your ever-so-thin chinstrap beard, and it just occurred to you that you need to get your spray-tan on before heading to the bar that’s usually a dance club but has Pay-Per-View to watch the MMA fight, which sucks because the hand that you usually hold your liquor bottles in when posing for photos is injured because you got drunk and rowdy and grappled with your boy JC who fell on your thumb ring …

You’re a douchebag.

  1. haha, this is the funniest site I have ever ran into

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