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Like, literally, I’m LMFAO that there are enough douchebags with shitty taste to put these idiots on the map.  Sharty rock is in the house tonight.


42. Derby Party Douche

Phony philanthropy and way too much privilege.  You know who you are.

41. You’re A Registered Voter in North Carolina

Yep, old ladies can be douchebags, too.

40. Collect ‘Em All, Bro!

39. How Many Ways Can You Qualify for The To-Douche List?


I didn’t know they stacked douche this high.

38. You Like Dubstep

Who let the douchebags in?  This is your party, asshole!

Let me guess, Skrillex is on your workout playlist.

37. You Don’t “Like” To-Douche List on Facebook

Deductive reasoning would hold that if you don’t “Like” To-Douche List on Facebook, you are either a stuffy geriatric who doesn’t have a Facebook account or one of the List’s many douchey subjects.

If you’re not with us you’re against us.  Get on the bus, gus.

36. You Have the Douchebag Badge on Foursquare

This is how we know you’re an OD (Original Douchebag), son!  Because since Foursquare’s gone straight, this badge is effing hard to get!  Plus, popped pink collars are so 2009.

35. Know Your Klout Score

Believe me, your 140 characters don’t have any influence on anyone.  No matter what Klout says.

We think this is a better indicator of who you are as a person:  What’s your Klouchebag score?

34. Be Universally Condescending Whilst Riding a Fixie

Portlandia nailed it.

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