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Like, literally, I’m LMFAO that there are enough douchebags with shitty taste to put these idiots on the map.  Sharty rock is in the house tonight.


23. Spray Tan Like A Mofo

Unless you can bust a rhyme like an oompa loompa, methinks you should avoid looking like one. 


15. Think Maxim Magazine is Fresh, Son!

“Warm your toes”?  What the hell does that even mean?  “9 Months of Rubbin'”? 

If you’re a douchebag, yo, you get it.

8. The Less Shirt, the Better. For Shizzle.

Right?  Also, I assume I’m not the only one seeing these hats.

And necklace.

And sagging shorts.

Seriously, awesome guys.

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